Aus dem Vorwort von Achim Meerkamp zu unseren aktuellen Muster-Rahmenvereinbarung zum Themenkomple E-Government, welche hier als PDF heruntergeladen werden kann (2,3 MB):

Update: Es gibt eine neue Version des Dokuments.


Neben dem Schutz der Beschäftigten vor weiteren Rationalisierungsfolgen und einem umfassenden Arbeitnehmerdatenschutz, sind mindestens zwei weitere Aspekte wichtig, die bei der Neugestaltung im Blick der Personalräte bleiben müssen:


1. Um eine prozesshafte Gestaltung zu sichern ist es notwendig, für alle Teilprozesse konkrete Verfahrensschritte festzulegen, nur so kann auch eine prozesshafte Mitbestimmung und -gestaltung gelingen.
2. Dem Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz muss mehr Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet und konkrete Maßnahmen festgelegt werden.

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    Moreno perhaps should have not been on the pitch to head PSV level after Depay’s opener.

    With 15 minutes gone, the Mexican slid in with a late two-footed challenge on Shaw in the box.

    The England defender was carried off on a stretcher while receiving oxygen eight minutes later. Disturbing replays showed Shaw’s right foot bent at a 45-degree angle, which meant he had surely broken it.

    Referee Nicola Rizzoli did not award a penalty and Moreno was allowed to equalise Depay’s stunning solo opener with a header.

    Then, just before the hour, Narsingh took advantage of some slack marking from Shaw’s replacement Marcos Rojo to finish off a counter and give the hosts an historic win that gives them an early advantage in Group B.

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    Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that Luke Shaw was still in tears on Wednesday as he began his recovery from a double leg break.

    Shaw suffered a fracture of the tibia and fibula in his right leg after a late challenge from Hector Moreno during Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat to PSV.

    After receiving eight minutes’ treatment, Shaw was carried off the pitch at the Philips Stadion while receiving oxygen, leaving his former manager Pochettino feeling “sick”.

    The defender was taken to the St Anna Ziekenhuis hospital on the outskirts of Eindhoven, where he had an operation on Tuesday night.

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    e was almost out-done by Kolo Toure, of all people, whose overhead kick dropped onto the crossbar. Allen then put Origi – by now Liverpool’s only recognised striker after Ings was replaced by Philippe Coutinho

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    clean through but he shot straight at Andris Vanins, while at the other end Assifuah did likewise after turning Gomez. Lallana had the best chance to win it 16 minutes from time but shot straight at the goalkeeper with only Vanins to beat and for the second successive midweek match – after struggling past League Two Carlisle on penalties in the Capital One Cup – boos rang out at Anfield.

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    He targeted three wins at home to get them out of Group B, but having now dropped two points they may hLiverpool’s Europa League campaign continues to stutter and disappoint in equal measure after they were held at home by Sion. Adam Lallana’s fourth-minute strike – his second goal in as many European matches – was cancelled out by Ebenezer Assifuah and the Reds failed to change the 1-1 scoreline in the remaining 73 minutes. After an identical result in their opening match in Bordeaux, Reds manager Brendan Rodgers stressed their form at Anfield would be the deciding factor.ave to recover those in either Kazan at the start of the Russian winter or in the return fixture against Sion in December

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    You can go here to read far more about Liverpool’s latest step backwards and last week’s Winners and Losers for a more thorough assessment of my thoughts on Rodgers. Things have simply got that little bit worse.

    Since the away victory at Swansea on March 16, Liverpool have won five of their 18 matches in all competitions. Five of those games were against teams we could broadly describe as top-four rivals (Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea), with a return of just two points.

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    ‘Chelsea and Manchester City are Newcastle’s league fixtures directly following this weekend, and it is a fallacy to suggest that games as early as mid-September cannot be must-win. Lose at home to a newly promoted side at St James’ on Saturday, and the groans around Tyneside will be audible from Darlington’ – Football365’s Big Weekend.

    And so it came to pass. If Newcastle were abject against West Ham on Monday, they managed to scrape further into the bottom of the barrel during the first half against Watford just five days later. They may have moved up a place thanks to Sunderland’s 2-0 defeat at Bournemouth, but that is where the tiny flickers of positivity end.

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    Not according to McClaren though, who used award-winning levels of one-eyed optimism to describe his side’s performance. “Our spirit was tremendous in the second half and we nearly got it back,” the manager said. “We created chances and got one back through Janmaat, but we didn’t have that finishing touch to come back and get what would have been a great result for us.”

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    Two things, Steve:

    1) If a home draw with Watford can be described as a great result after two points from your opening five league matches, Newcastle are in more trouble than we first thought. You sound like John Carver, and there is no greater insult.
    2) You didn’t score said goal, so focusing on the positives five days after saying a huge improvement was needed will convince nobody.

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    I must be careful of writing a team off in September. It was a mistake I (almost) made last season, only for Burnley to respond to their dire start.

    That said, what Sean Dyche’s side lacked in ability they accounted for in effort and team spirit. Dick Advocaat’s Sunderland currently have none of those qualities. They look like a collection of highly paid but lowly motivated individuals, no cohesion with each other or loyalty to the club.

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    Sunderland’s entire ethos is centred around short-termism. They have a manager who had to be persuaded to take the job after initially rejecting it, and is on a one-year deal. They have an owner under enormous pressure from supporters and a number of players signed signed in desperation by a manager who will leave before they do. They have had five managers (Advocaat, Poyet, Di Canio, O’Neill, Bruce) in the last four years.

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    The longest-serving player in Sunderland’s starting side against Bournemouth was Billy Jones, who has been at the club for less than 16 months. That breeds a team with a critical lack of organisation and unity.

    Once again they were made to look shambolic defensively and blunt in the final third at Bournemouth. Jermain Defoe is the only Sunderland player with more than two shots on target this season, and the only one with more than one goal. Even he has only registered an average of 1.8 shots per match.

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    Heart disease affects the blood vessels and cardiovascular system. Numerous problems can result from this, many of which are related to a process called atherosclerosis, a condition that develops when plaque builds up in the walls of the arteries. This buildup narrows the arteries, making it harder for blood to flow through. If a blood clot forms, it can stop the blood flow. This can cause a heart attack or stroke.

    But it doesn’t end there. Heart disease can take many other forms as well:

    Heart failure or congestive heart failure, which means that the heart is still working, but it isn’t pumping blood as well as it should, or getting enough oxygen.
    Arrhythmia or an abnormal rhythm of the heart, which means the heart is either beating too fast, too slow or irregularly. This can affect how well the heart is functioning and whether or not the heart is able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.
    Heart valve problems can lead to the heart not opening enough to allow proper blood flow. Sometimes the heart valves don’t close and blood leaks through, or the valve leaflets bulge or prolapse into the upper chamber, causing blood to flow backward through them.

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    Exercise Can Reduce Heart Failure Risk At Any Age

    Starting to exercise later in life can still reduce your risk of heart failure, and even modest increases in activity could provide some protection, researchers say.

    “Our findings suggest that when thuoc dieu tri tim mach it comes to exercise and heart failure, the better-later-than-never axiom rings particularly true, and that even s mall boosts in activity can cut risk,” senior investigator Dr. Chiadi Ndumele said in a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine news release. He is a preventive cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine at the medical school.

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    Compared to those who were inactive at both visits, people who met or exceeded recommended physical activity levels of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week at both visits were 33 percent less likely to develop heart failure, the study found. Those who were consistently getting modest amounts thuoc dieu tri benh tim of exercise — less than 149 minutes of moderate activity or less than 74 minutes of vigorous activity a week — had a 20 percent lower risk, the study revealed.

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    The study was presented earlier this month at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. Findings presented at meetings are generally viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

    Study first author Dr. Roberta Florido, bài thuốc chữa bệnh tim a cardiology fellow at Hopkins, said in the news release, “Many people get discouraged if they don’t have the time or ability to exercise vigorously, but our findings demonstrate that every little bit of movement matters and that picking up exercise later in life is decidedly better than not moving at all.”

    About 5 million Americans and 23 million people worldwide have heartfailure, the researchers said.

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    Participants also answered questions that measured their perception of social support and assessed potential barriers, such as finances and weather, that could interfere with participation in an exercise program.

    Those with the most social support averaged 118 minutes of exercise a week after 12 months, compared with an average of 92 minutes for those with the least social support. Those with the fewest barriers averaged 86 minutes a week, compared with 79 minutes for those with the most barriers.

    The study was published Nov. 17 in benh vien chuyen khoa tim mach the journal Circulation: Heart Failure.

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    “Patients, family members, and healthcare providers should work together to find solutions to the barriers preventing a patient from participating in structured exercise programs, because exercise programs can help patients manage their condition,” lead author Dr. Lauren Cooper, a fellow in cardiovascular diseases at the Duke University School of Medicine, said in a journal news release.

    Heart failure means the heart isn’t pumping blood as well as it should, causing fluid to build up in the body.

    Previous research found that heart failure patients benh vien tim tphcm people with heart failure. But a lack of social support and barri who did moderate exercise had a lower risk of being hospitalized for heart failure or of dying from heart disease.

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    Thành phần cao sâm Geumsan Daedong

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    Công dụng cao sâm Geumsan Daedong tiêu chuẩn Mỹ

    Bồi bổ sức khỏe nâng cao thể trạng sức đề kháng của cơ thể phòng nhiều bệnh tuổi già như tiểu đường, huyết áp, mỡ máu, hồng sâm tác động toàn diện lên tất cả các cơ quan của cơ thể.

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    Chiết xuất riêng saponin Rb1 có công dụng an thần giảm stress mệt mỏi nhức đầu giúp ngủ ngon giấc tỉnh táo tập trung hơn trong công việc cũng như vui chơi.

    Saponin Rg1 công dụng ổn định huyết áp tăng cường sức khỏe của tim mạch hỗ trợ lưu thông tuần hoàn máu tăng cường sản sinh hồng cầu ở tủy giúp ngăn ngừa xơ vữa động mạch giảm cholesterol cũng như nguy cơ bị tiểu đường.

    Saponin Rg3 giúp ức chế tiểu cầu cũng như bộ mã di truyền của tế bào ung thư giúp phòng ngừa mà tốt trong hỗ trợ điều trị ung thư, ngoài ra Rg3 còn giúp phòng ngừa xơ gan.

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    Bảo quản nơi khô ráo thoáng mát tránh ánh sáng trực tiếp từ mặt trời.

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    Nhân sâm tươi Hàn Quốc 6 năm tuổi là loại sâm có đủ 6 năm tuổi , tích lũy được lượng saponin cực lớn, dưỡng chất cực nhiều nên nó là loại nhân sâm vô cùng quý hiếm.

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    Những người tìm hiểu nhân sâm thường nghe nói về loại Nhân sâm hàn quốc 6 năm tuổi. Vậy nhân sâm nên đạt đến độ tuổi nào thì tốt nhất và cách để nhận biết tuổi đời của củ nhân sâm như thế nào?

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    Mỗi năm tuổi của củ sâm tươi Hàn Quốc cũng được thể hiện bằng cách sinh thêm một đốt trên phần rễ củ. Ta chỉ cần đếm số đốt trên củ sâm, nếu từ chân củ sâm sinh thêm đốt là nhân sâm được 2 năm tuổi, nếu có 3 đốt là 3 năm tuổi … tương tự nếu thấy 5 đốt thì đó là củ nhân sâm hàn quốc 6 năm tuổi .

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    Theo các chuyên gia Hàn Quốc xác định tuổi sâm bằng cách xem đốt ở đầu củ nhân sâm.Mỗi năm thì củ sâm lại sinh 1 đốt nhưng đốt không mọc cùng hướng mà mọc phía chéo đối diện, do đó ta có thể dể dàng nhận biết tuổi nhân sâm. Do càng nhiều năm củ càng to che mất đốt nên thường nhân sâm 6 năm tuổi sẽ thấy 4 đốt trên đầu củ sâm.

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    Nhân sâm hàn quốc 6 năm tuổi có kích thước đầu và kích thước thân củ gần giống nhau. Nếu nhìn vào đầu củ sâm thì thấy bị hư hại là do chất lượng trồng kém. Một số đơn vị bán sâm cắt bót một phần đầu củ sâm để che giấu khiếm khuyết này.

  33. qua tang tet dinh dau

    Đối với sâm trồng từ quá 6 năm tuổi trở lên thì phần củ sẽ bắt đầu bị thối mục, các thành phần bổ dưỡng cũng bị giảm đáng kể. Nên hiện nay ở Hàn Quốc chỉ thông dụng 3 loại sâm là sâm 4 năm, 5 năm và 6 năm tuổi.

  34. qua tang tet dinh dau 2017

    Nhân sâm hàn quốc tươi 6 năm tuổi là loại nhân sâm cực kì quý , nó giúp bồi bổ cơ thể, nâng cao sức đề kháng, giúp cơ thể đẩy lùi bệnh tật và đại bổ nguyên khí, ích huyết sinh tân, định thần, ích trí, gây hưng phấn thần kinh… Do có hàm lượng saponin và dưỡng chất cao nhất nên nó là loại nhân sâm tốt nhất hiện tại.


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